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Resources & Links

Paracay - Nautical Books, sailing, boating, Navigation, Celestial, boat design, boat buying, boat building, nautical history, boat maintenance, nautical almanac, cruising, logbooks, sailing videos.

Extensive Titanic research, passenger and crew biographies, Titanic discussions etc.

Titanic Historical Society, Inc.
The premier information source for all things Titanic and White Star Line related. Formed in 1963, the THS was the first and is the largest global organization dedicated to preserving the history of RMS Titanic and the White Star Line.

RMS Titanic, Inc.
RMS Titanic, Inc. corporate information and the official Titanic archive.

Titanic: A Voyage of Discovery
A Voyage of Discovery is a CD Rom presentation that takes you on board and below the decks of the ill-fated vessel, the RMS Titanic. If you are a fan of the Titanic and the mystery surrounding her sinking or simply love the bygone era of steamship travel you must have your own copy of this comprehensive CD-Rom.

Titanic Titanic!
One of the best places on the Internet net to find out about the White Star Liners Titanic, Olympic and Britannic.

Ocean Planet:How Deep Can they Go? - The RMS Titanic
RMS Titanic's Final Resting Place - 12,500 ft (3810 m)

This is Southampton Shipping
Titanic news, images and archives from the Southern Daily Echo - Hampshire Chronicle. Features about the White Star liner which sailed from Southampton for New York in 1912.

The Titanic Files
With the movie "Titanic" breaking box office records (and that horrid Celine Dion song in maximum radio rotation), The Smoking Gun has decided to present this collection of historical documents about the April 1912 maritime disaster.

Build The Titanic
A must-see for people who are constructing their own Titanic models using the 'Build The Titanic' magazine from Hachette.

Titanic Movie
If you are a fan of TITANIC and would like "official" TITANIC banners click here to download.

Titanic Norden (English Version)
A great Scandinavian site translated into English. A comprehensive Swedish Site.

Est. of Hans Jensen vs. The White Star Line
Anderson Kill & Olick's Titanic mock trial site.

Titanic: The Search For Answers
There was peace, and the world had an even tenor to its way. True enough, from time to time there were events-catastrophes-like the Johnstown Flood, the San Francisco Earthquake, or floods in China-which stirred the sleeping world, but not enough to keep it from resuming its slumber. -Jack Thayer
Dedicated to the survivors as well as those who lost their lives aboard the Titanic on that fateful April night in 1912.

Titanic In Cyberspace
Welcome aboard Titanic : Destination Cyberspace! Titanic Art Gallery with various artistic scenes of the Titanic. In addition, nautical library for available used hardback books including
the Titanic.

Titanic Park
The RMS Titanic Disaster of 1912 from a Belfast Perspective.

Titanic- Adventure Out Of Time
Hammerhead Entertainment Official Titanic Web Site

Phil's Titanic Site
Phil Ottewell's Titanic Page: History, information, unique pictures and numerous R.M.S. Titanic links.

TITANIC: The Lifeboats
Information from within this site is gathered from many different places. Information is correct to the best of their knowledge.

Titanic Web Quest
You have been given the opportunity to appear on a game show called "One Thing I Know About". You could win up to one-million dollars on this game show. You and your classmates will learn everything there is to know about a topic. The topic chosen by your class was the Titanic disaster.

The Titanic Trail
A fascinating Guided Heritage Tour. It explores the town of Cobh. Cork Harbour which was the last port of call of RMS Titanic. Locations are visited such as the White Star Line Office, the Lusitania Memorial and the famous St. Colman's Cathedral.

Titanic Brewery
Florida's most award-winning brewpub.

Titanic Brewery UK
Based in Stoke on Trent and brews real ale for the independent market. We also brew beer on the Shugborough estate for demonstration purposes.

John's Titanic Survivor Page
One interesting piece of my family history is that my maternal grandmother was a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Nautical Lamps: Irene's Nautical Gifts & Crafts
Irene's Nautical specializes in hand made nautical lamps and port and starboard navigation replica lamps. Made by Handi-capable American Seniors with disabilities.

Prints of Poetry - With that special person in mind, Prints of Poetry created works of art that combine the art of poetry with the art of painting.

The Legend of the Arabian Horse - This masterful combination of poetry and painting produces a synergy between the world of words and the world of sight.

Titanic-Nautical Resource Center - Here at the Titanic Nautical Resource Center, we have information on the Titanic, & articles on all things Nautical related.

Proudly We Served / We Are Second To None - For the first time in painting and poetry art, a tribute is made to honor those men and women who proudly served in Vietnam and the Other wars.

The Teacher and the Student Remember That Magic Moment - All of us have had a "Magic Moment" in our lives when someone touched us with profound advice, guidance, a teaching or a sincere act of kindness. The person might have been a teacher, friend, neighbor, or family member. We have created the Perfect Gift!

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