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High End Bronze Nautical Sculptures

We are a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of functional and decorative fountains and monuments.

We specialize in bronze, wood and granite products, and demand the finest quality and workmanship from our foundries and studios.

We service a wide ranger of customers including collectors, architects, galleries, schools, charities, municipalities, restaurants, professional decorators, and more.

Our capacity to produce traditional and custom pieces in bronze, wood, or fiberglass allows us to offer our customers the right design in the right material at the best possible price.

We offer excellent prices on quantity production runs and custom castings.

We can produce quantity runs of figures based on your sample, or create custom pieces to suit your needs (minimums required).


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2 Dolphins Jumping Fountain

Product Code: TI-TK-56002
$2,195.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Dolphins Dancing on a Wave

Product Code: TI-CM-59
$4,995.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Explorer Boy

Product Code: TI-TK-50200
$5,395.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Galapgos Tortoise Fountain

Product Code: TI-KP-0033B
$5,495.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Giant Anchor

Product Code: TI-KP-0019
$5,495.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Lady With Dolphin Jumping Overhead

Product Code: TI-TK-70099
$6,895.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Mermaid Riding Two Dolphins

Product Code: TI-TK-MERMAID
$6,995.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Neptune - Ruler of the Seas

Product Code: TI-CM-29
$6,795.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Orca Whale - Single

Product Code: TI-TPF-1041
$5,995.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Two Turtles Fountain

Product Code: TI-KP-28540
$3,795.00 Price + Shipping Rate Quote

Shipping Policy:
Our large products (taller than 40") ship through a common carrier at our bulk quantity discount (65%). Common carrier shipping is paid by addressee at the time of delivery. We can provide a freight quote upon request. However, we do not guarantee that the actual cost of freight will not be more or less than we quote. Deliveries to residences and remote locations increase freight costs.

We provide professional packaging and wrapping services, at no charge with the freight collect option. Our smaller products ship through FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. Shipping is pre-paid at the time of your order.

We cannot ship any products without first receiving payment.

Orders on in stock merchandise will ship within 48 hours.

Special orders and custom orders require a 20% non-refundable deposit be placed at the time of the order.

We provide shipping information and tracking numbers for orders via fax or email, so please provide your fax number or email address when ordering.

Return Policy:
All products are shipped without defect or damages, and become the responsibility of the shipping service once they leave our warehouse.

If you receive a product in damaged condition, contact us and we can arrange to have the product repaired or replaced at our discretion.
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