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Framed Artwork

Saga of the Titanic Framed Artwork

"You Found the Perfect Gift!"

I know how difficult it is to get that special gift for that boater, sailor, nautical buff, student, or Titanic enthusiast... look no more, you found the perfect gift!

Not just another picture hanging on the wall, but a compelling, mysterious, and tragic story of nautical history told in poetry and painting art. "The Saga of the Titanic" will speak for your good taste and will be a cherished gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

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"I bought the Saga of the Titanic for my uncle who is a titanic enthusist. I liked it so much that I purchased one for my office."

- Karyn DeVenney
Newark, DE

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Jim Manniso , the poet and painter of "The Saga of the Titanic." From an early age I have been fascinated with the story of the Titanic, and the mystery that surrounds this tragic event in nautical history.

I have written poetry and have been painting for many years . When I retired from my electrical engineering profession at age 68, I decided to commercialize my poetry and art. "The Saga of the Titanic" is just one of many works that I have produced to date. My plan is to do many works in fascinating venue areas, so I'm interested in using other poets and artists for future works. more about that later!

To my pleasant surprise my poetry and painting art has been so well received that I have created a company, "Prints of Poetry," to market my works, and the works and products of others. Who said "artists starve?"

Many have told us that the "Saga of the Titanic" has made an appreciated gift for boaters, Titanic enthusiasts, and also for anyone interested in Maritime and/or Nautical History. We are even getting sales from both teachers and students for classroom and home purchases!

"I am a graphic artist from Manayunk Pennsylvania and I just think that the Saga of the Titanic artwork and poem is just great. I've been a Titanic Enthusist since I was in the 12th grade and did a report on the Titanic. The painting and poem tells the compelling, tragic story of the Titanic."

- Caren Burgermeister
Manayunk, PA

"I was a chief in the United States Navy aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. I have always been fascinated with anything nautical. When I saw and read the Saga of the Titanic it became a must have for me."

- John Lliera
Honolulu, HI

If you would be so kind, I would like to recite "The Saga of the Titanic" and if you wish, you can read along. kind of a nautical "karaoke". So get on board and hear the fascinating adventure of "The Saga of the Titanic".

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and let the adventure begin


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Your purchase of the Saga of the Titanic:

  • The perfect gift for that boater, sailor, nautical buff, student, or Titanic enthusiast. The "Saga of the Titanic" with personalized engraved solid brass plaque is the "perfect gift" for that special person; a gift that will be cherished and long remembered as it is displayed enhancing your surroundings with "nautical flare." When it is viewed and read time and time again in painting and poetic art, the tragic, heroic, mysterious, and fascinating story of the Saga of the Titanic will unfold and reveal an important part of nautical history.

  • This realistic Titanic painting and compelling poem tells the fascinating story from beginning to the end of the exciting, mysterious and tragic history of the “Saga of the Titanic.”

  • A work of compelling nautical and historical art for that office, library, den, boat, or ship’s cabin that not only enhances your environment with a "nautical flare", but tells a story while it graces the decor.

  • "Made in America by Americans," 19" X 23" framed artwork with engraved plaque, solid wood frame, double matted, glaze protected.

  • Own an important part of nautical history for only $79.95! (A $101.95 value!)

The Saga of the Titanic: An Important Part of Nautical History
By: Jonathan Barnes

If you are a person who listens to Public Radio, watches the History Channel, reads “O” Brian’s Captain Aubery, R.N., marvels at the mysteries of the “DaVinci Code”, vicariously travels with Mitcher’s Hawaii and Chesapeake, enjoys sunsets and rises, crashing waves against the shore, walking on beaches and feeling the cool surf and softening sand between your toes, smells the salt in the sea breeze air, loves to sail, motor or all things nautical, visits museums and historical places, enjoys art, poetry, great books and fine wines entranced by beautiful music, dreams of travels to exotic, interesting, or serene places around the world, and your friends and loved ones share these common values, then “The Saga of the Titanic” is a must have unique work of nautical art for you.

I have been a Titanic buff for more years then I would like to admit. When I read the poem and viewed the painting of the Titanic I thought, “This artist and poet captured the essence of this quintessential Titanic story.” From the day of it’s floundering, April 15th 1912 to today, the tragic, heroic, fascinating and mysterious story of the Titanic is still read about, discussed and on exhibit around the world. I believe that the Saga of the Titanic is an important part of nautical history. And when I think, that someone captured the compelling story of the Titanic in painting and poetic art, it boggles my old mind and refreshes me with new hope.

Jonathan Barnes is a freelance writer and maritime and nautical historian.

"The Saga of the Titanic"

Comes with:
  • 19" X 23" Saga of the Titanic
  • Frame: Solid Wood, double matte, glaze protected
  • FREE Shipping and Handling
  • FREE Personalized Solid Brass Engraved Plaque
  • FREE 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • A "Proudly made in America by Americans" Product
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Jim Manniso
Poet, Author

Prints of Poetry
218 E. Main Street
Suite 114
Newark, DE 19711

Toll Free: 1-800-284-0701

If you are a carver, sculpter, painter, poet, or would like to submit an article on the Titanic or maritime/nautical history, then Prints of Poetry may be interested in your work!

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Best Wishes,
Jim Manniso


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